New Release - Ashram

. . . coming soon

A wise person once said (or so it is reputed) that if the only tool you possess is a hammer, you will always be working with nails . . . 

Beltane Moon 2

Those nice folks at MG Music have just told me that "Beltane Moon 2" has come out at No.1 in their latest Top 10 listings. A thousand thanks (with extra topping) to all you Happy Hippies, website friends and lovely people out there for buying it, for your emails and support. Celebrations will involve the usual outrageously late tea drinking sessions and more than one packet of HobNobs.

White Wolf Spirit 3

I am pleased to announce the publication of the 3rd album in my White Wolf Spirit series - imaginatively titled "White Wolf Spirit 3":-)

Beltane Moon 2

 . . . the journey into the magical Druid forest of Wildwood continues.

Hippy New Year

As always, my heartfelt thanks to all of you lovely people out there for buying my music and for your supportive emails and comments:-)

Zen Garden

Big thanks to all lovely people and happy hippies who have been buying my Zen Garden album. It has gone straight into the latest MG Music Top 10 listing at No.1. Planned celebrations are likely to include more than a few packets of Hob-Nobs and some outrageously late tea-drinking sessions:-)

Zen Garden

Imagine yourself with nothing to do but sit and relax in the tranquil setting of a Zen Garden . . . 

One World Music Radio Awards

A thousand thanks to all of you lovely people out there who both nominated and voted for my music in the recently announced One World Music Radio Awards for 2017. Nominations were "Beneath an Autumn Moon" in the Best New Age Album category and "Shaman IV" in the Best Native American Album category. I am delighted to announce that, thanks to your votes, both albums achieved second place ( . . . bows to applause, walks off stage and trips over lighting cable)

Cloud Forest Temple

The website pixies are delighted to announce the release of another brand new album – Cloud Forest Temple . . . 

Akashic Dream

Pleased to announce . . . 

Beneath an Autumn Moon

Pleased to announce . . . 

Runecaster - September 2017

. . . pleased to announce (queue anthemic fanfare, smoke machine & laser lights) the release of my first ever "best of" compilation.

New Release - May 2017

SHAMAN 4 redefines the word "Trilogy".

R.I.P. Roland EG-101

The Roland EG-101 synth . . . after a few modifications now gracefully retired to live out the rest of its days as a plant trough. I can't decide what to plant in the middle section yet:-)


Pleased to announce . . .

Those nice people at MG Music have phoned me with the news that my album "In Search of Lemuria" is now No.1 in their latest Top 10 listing. Big thanks to all you lovely people out there who have been buying it:-)

New Release - January 2017

A couple of friends introduced me to Lemurian Crystals last year, inadvertently sowing the seeds of inspiration for an album. Big thanks to Shamaiya & Trace:-)

. . . Coming soon

Some emails arrived today from some of you lovely people out there saying how much you like my new YouTube video for Arcana . . .

New Release - February 2016

. . . light a candle, make a wish and go where your imagination takes you:-)

New Releases - October 2015


Pleased to announce . . . two fantastic new albums - White Wolf Spirit II and Gregorian Retreat.

MG Music Top 10 - July 2015

Those nice folks at MG Music phoned last week to tell me that no less than five Wychazel albums have found their way into this quarter’s Top 10 listing . . . with Beltane Moon and Tibetan Bowls II occupying the two top slots! YAYYYY:-)


I would like to say a huge thank you to . . . 

New Releases - March 2015

Pleased to announce . . . two fantastic new albums, now available on CD and download. Beltane Moon and Tibetan Bowls II.


Unwashed in Glastonbury


Contrary to popular belief . . . 


Something old, something new . . .


No trip to the west country would be complete without the obligatory visit to Stonehenge . . . 

Pleased to announce . . .

YAYYY! Two new albums just released and available on CD or download . . . 

In the face of temptation

It's happened again . . .

New releases

Two new albums all set for release next month: Spirit Flute and Reiki Masterclass . . .

New website

Welcome to the new Wychazel website:-) Big thanks to Medwyn Goodall for his infectious enthusiasm and tireless help in setting it up. More of the same to all the little website pixies who have been labouring away unseen in the dark dungeon labyrinth beneath the MG Studio somewhere in deepest Cornwall. There are still a few things to do, artwork to add and wording to tweak so please check back in from time to time to keep up with latest developments and news of forthcoming releases. You can also register for a Newsletter. 

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