New Release - May 2017

Originally intended as a single album for a specialist audience, Shaman 1 surprised everybody by going straight to No.1 in the MG Music sales chart when released in 2012 and staying there for an unprecedented 9 months. With this kind of demand, together with favourable comments being received from practitioners and enthusiasts around the world, the idea to make a trilogy seemed like the natural thing to do. A couple of years later Shaman 3 grabbed the No.1 position too, staying there for 3 months. Perhaps the most popular track in the series so far has been "Heartbeat" which was picked up in the US for a film documentary by one of their Native American organizations. This track can be heard on YouTube with a video featuring some of the drum-art by my good friend and talented artist Shamaiya. So here we are in 2017 redefining the word "trilogy" with a fourth album. Whoops:-)


The cover art is taken from my very own and much loved Kokopelli drum, painted by Shamaiya and much featured in the albums. During the recording process, each drum was made to sound like several by the somewhat sneaky trick of dampening the skins to make their pitch drop for one recording pass and then using a hair dryer to dry the skins, raising their pitches for subsequent recording passes. The overall aim for each album has been to keep the drumming as authentic as possible and not to incorporate any musical content other than occasional use of Native American Flute. The downside of this ideal is a high probability of producing a somewhat boring and repetitive set of album tracks so a variety of atmospheric effects has been incorporated to broaden the appeal and to portray some of the mysterious environments and imagery that the Shaman might encounter during Vision Quest. As the series has evolved, so too has the range of sounds to include more drums, sophisticated samples and, for the first time in Shaman 4, Native American chant.  


My thanks to all of you lovely folks out there who have taken the time to contact me with much valued feedback and comments and for making the Shaman series so successful.