New Releases - March 2015

Pleased to announce . . . two fantastic new albums, now available on CD and download. YAYYY!


Beltane Moon is a return to musical roots, recorded especially for all of you folks out there who have been in touch to say how much you have been missing Runestone.


Tibetan Bowls II is a follow-up to the popular 2010 original, which has maintained a regular presence in the MG Top 10 listing ever since its release. Whereas the original album provided a basic showcase of bowls and gong, Tibetan Bowls II has been recorded to be more harmonically pleasing, incorporating gentle synth arrangements, atmospheric backgrounds and a few more bowls:-) Ideal for meditation, Chakra work or simply relaxing after a busy day.


Fancy a tea-break? Videos for selected tracks from both albums can be found on the Videos page - sit back and enjoy:-)