New Releases - October 2015


Pleased to announce . . . two fantastic new albums - White Wolf Spirit II and Gregorian Retreat.


White Wolf Spirit II is a sequel to the original Native American-themed album that held the No.1 spot in the MG chart for three months in 2013. I had a lot of fun making the video that can be found on the Videos Page. Some of the drums and flutes that were used to record the album can be seen in the video. Not only do they make a nice sound, they take quite a nice photo too:-)


Also released is an album I have wanted to make for years but have only recently been able to find the right sound-libraries. Gregorian Retreat features male and female devotional chant set against a backdrop of medieval instruments and some of my favourite synths and atmospherics. There is a ruined Abbey (courtesy of Henry VIII) near to where I live and spending time there has given me much of the inspiration and motivation to write the album. It also gave me another excuse to get the video camera out . . .


So, why not make yourself a cup of tea, or whatever might be your beverage of choice, then click the Videos tab and enjoy a few moments away from the hectic pace of modern life.