Cloud Forest Temple

by Wychazel

Released June 2018
MG Music
Released June 2018
MG Music
Continuous music with no silent pauses between tracks. Ideal for relaxation and visualization. Exotic tropical sounds and evolving musical themes invite you to take a journey of the imagination into an enticing world of ancient mystery and beauty.
In common with most Wychazel albums, this is a continuous-play album with no silent breaks between tracks. Featuring an eclectic blend of instruments, evolving musical themes linked together with exotic natural sounds, Cloud Forest Temple is ideal for visualization and relaxation.

Inspired by the sounds and beauty of our dwindling forests and threatened natural environments plus the tempting thought that there might yet be remnants of ancient and forgotten civilizations still to be discovered in some secluded and uncharted parts of our world.

Featuring Guitars, Dulcimer, Kiowa Flute, Marimba, Frame Drums, Hapi Drum, hand-percussion & rattles, Synths & Samples and exotic natural sounds.

1. Cloud Forest Trail 6:16
2. Pillars in the Mist 9:34
3. In the Presence of Beauty 7:05
4. Secrets in Stone 10:04
5. Ancient Wisdom 8:48
6. A World Washed Clean 10:52

Running time 52.42