Zen Garden

by Wychazel

Released September 2018
Medwyn Goodall Music
Released September 2018
Medwyn Goodall Music
Imagine yourself with nothing to do but relax in the tranquil setting of a Zen Garden . . .
The uniquely beautiful sound of Bamboo Flutes and soft musical themes imbued with mystical flavours of the Far East unfold against a backdrop of peaceful natural sounds, guiding you on your journey. Recommended for relaxation, visualization and meditation.

Featuring Bamboo Flutes, Santur, Hapi Drum, Synths & Samples and peaceful atmospheric effects.

1. Zen Garden 7:06
2. A Gateless Gate 6:24
3. The Path Least Traveled 6:24
4. Petals on Water 8:08
5. A Leaf on the Breeze 8:32
6. A Lightness of Being 8:24

Running time 45:50